It all started when...

Born from the need to go further than a one-stop shop, CTF was set up in the early 1990's to provide specialist technical services to a growing event industry that demanded more intricate planning than many companies could offer.

Originally a one-man company in a front room with a computer, it didn’t take long before CTF needed an office and warehouse to store our fast growing investments in technology and people.

Based in south-west London for easy access to central London, CTF continues to grow on the strength of its success and has expanded three times into larger premises over the last 25 years to accommodate our ever-expanding video rental stock.

The Company

Specialising in the video display market and working mainly with production companies or freelance producers and production managers, CTF has supplied its equipment and knowledge to live events all over the world.

We’ve built up a considerable knowledge of working in far-flung locations and integrating our state-of-the-art equipment with limited resources and diverse cultures.

CTF is at the cutting edge of video technology and continues to invest in the latest and greatest video equipment.

We specialises in planning and renting video display equipment to the live event industry. With over 25 years’ experience, we have a wealth of knowledge in renting video equipment all over the world.

Our well trained and experienced technicians ensure your event is a success by not only making the installation of our video display equipment as smooth as possible but also integrating it with the other requirements of a successful live event.

We have a core team working closely together to ensure that all elements of the CTF experience are good ones. You deal with the same person from the first phone call to the last box on the truck at the end of the event.

These same people are the directors and owners of CTF. No investors to tell us what to do. We take the call, pick the crew and check the kit - I mean really hands on. We are there on site so we always keep our promises.

CTF have a very straight forward approach to running its business.

Most Important of all......  

We enjoy what we do. We have been working on events long enough to know how to deliver the right solution. We only work with like minded crew and the best equipment

Remember good crew are like chefs, they are always talking about food. No sorry, let them work with the best ingredients and they will deliver an exquisite meal. It also works the other way, give second-rate crew good kit and they will still miss the cue .

We have it all?

Of course not, no one has all the solutions in house. In the last twenty two years we have worked with countless people in most disciplines. If we don't have a specific piece of kit or solution we know someone who does. If you want us to source it then that's dandy. We are here to help with all technical aspects of an event. 

Still going strong after 25 Years!.......over 7500 events.........., Now that is a real achievement.